Thank you Emily, I enjoyed reading this article. I think it's important to highlight how you focused on companies being cancelled, not individuals. I think that cancel culture could be diverted into "pressure culture", with individuals coming together to put pressure on these companies to really change. It becomes difficult when we don't have any way to sincerely track if these companies are following through on it (although them saying they fixed it then being caught in the act would be the ultimate offense).

It is difficult for me to see the good in cancel culture, but I will watch your video and try to see if that opinion changes. As of now, I find the need to condemn individuals who think differently to be nonsensical, especially without first opening up a dialogue.

I couldn't agree more. I attended the Travis Scott Fornite virtual concert because my brother is a big fortnite fan and caught wind of it. To say that it was "lit" would be an understatement. The virutal livestream is an incredibly unique experience, and I think will actually drive the desire to go to an in-person concert even more. Artists could use virtual live streams with one or two songs as a way to kick off their tours or even their concerts themselves. I think there are a ton of opportunities to tie this new digital asset into interactions with fans, and I'll be going to a live Travis Scott performance ASAP.

Great article D. It's interesting to see these digital meeting grounds start to take real shape in the form of these massive valuations. Digital interconnectivity seems to be the space where the dollars are flowing these days, but I wonder what the long term affect on human in-person interaction will be. People are social creatures, can they be social purely online instead of in-person?

Well said and I really appreciated the call to action here. I think it's important to not only map out the issues at hand but also suggest ways to fix them, and you did a great job breaking everything down and shedding some light on something I was previously unaware of. Really appreciate this article Jenny.

This is a great article Angela and one that struck home with me. My grandmother had AD and it progressed quickly because it was diagnosed too late (roughly 5 years after onset, doctors predicted). I wonder what additional preventative medical measures can be made now that telehealth is paving the way for early detection.

A hologram depicting Princess Leia, from George Lucas’s Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

The modern era is seeing an exponential increase in technological advancement. Today, we hold more computing power in our hand than all of the computers used to send humans to the moon. It’s important, however, to understand that technological advancement is somewhat constrained to the human imagination. Inventions must be imagined before they can exist. …

A great read and excellent writing Munir. I wonder what the API landscape will look like in 5 years as these existing and rising companies acquire massive valuations. Maybe the valuations will only continue to climb, or perhaps investors will become more selective in where they put their money, similar to how things were 10-15 yeards ago post-dotcom bubble.

A great article Yasuhiro. I've seen more and more news about private investments in businesses based in Africa, so it seems like the thoughts in your article will be coming to fruition soon. This reminds me of the successes and struggles of Jumia Foods from our strategy class.

Great article Ben, and I really enjoyed the [3] article from stratechery on how the quality of information was changed during the pandemic.

An interesting article Kirk. I wonder how Stripe compares to a company like Affirm? Stripe definitely seems to have more to offer their partners and seems to be waiting to IPO like you mentioned, whereas Affirm offers less products but wanted earlier access to equity markets at therefore has a much lower valuation at $12 billion. Perhaps I'm just grasping at straws in theory, but not in practice.

Zander Baccile

Columbia Business School Class of 2022 — Interested in the Future of Media and Entertainment

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